Cell Phone Scams

by National Mobile Sales

Posted on September 28, 2018

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Common Phone Scams

Thousands of cell phone customers are getting refund checks for fraudulent charges on their bills.
The Federal Trade Commission says it’s for unauthorized services added to bills years ago.
These scams involved horoscope, celebrity gossip alerts or fun facts, but didn’t sign up for them, you could be getting checks in the mail.

This is a very common scheme is known as cramming, where someone crams unauthorized charges onto your phone bill. More than 22,000 checks are being mailed. More

How to stop overpaying on your mobile phone bill.

Cellphone providers are constantly changing their offerings. If you’ve been on the same plan for a while, you may be surprised to find out that the carriers you once rejected in favor of your current plan are offering a new selection of options worth taking a gander at.

For most cellphone plan holders, counting minutes and text messages has evolved into managing data usage. Getting a free phone with a two-year contract has suddenly transformed into a monthly device payment.


Phone scams cost Americans $9.5 billion per year
Phone scams are everywhere.  The calls are constant, convincing, and incredibly difficult to trace.  It’s important you know how to protect yourself because once you pay an illegal debt collector that money is likely gone.


Renegotiate your cell plan

If you’re keen to stay with your current network once your phone contract has ended, you can renegotiate your deal and switch to pay-as-you-go. Read more tips


Scammers Use Fake ID, Victim Gets Their Cell Phone Bill: Police


On June 30, 2018 The 2 suspects entered the Best Buy on and fraudulently opened a cell phone account through Verizon Wireless. Warning the suspects presented false identification documents to employees at Best Buy.

Police Warn Of Recent Phone Scams

The Police Department warned the local community about a new phone scam that several residents have reported recently.

According to the police, the current scam involves the victim receiving an unsolicited phone call where the caller tells the victim that a member of their family has been kidnapped and that they must pay  a ransom for the safe return of the loved one.


The Landscape Of Phone Scams 

To put America’s phone scam situation into perspective, a company commissioned a study on phone scams and found nearly 60% of people have received a scam call in the past week, up 113% from the same study in 2017. I have also recently testified on behalf of my company as a witness during the House of Representatives’ hearing that focused on combating robocalls and caller ID spoofing. The study examined tactics that are commonly used by phone scammers and reviewed the current landscape of solutions. More

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