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by National Mobile Sales

Posted on October 31, 2018

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Cell Phone News

Moment cyclist looking at mobile phone smashes through back window of stationary car The cyclist doesn’t register the vehicle in his path until he is just inches away and unable to save himself It was posted on the ‘Bad drivers caught on dashcam’ Facebook group earlier today. Read More

Woman unable to move fingers after using mobile phone non-stop for a week

You may want to stretch your fingers after reading this story.

A woman in China recently learned a painful lesson when she suffered severe hand cramps after a week-long binge on her mobile phone.

She rushed to the hospital for help and was diagnosed with tenosynovitis, an inflammation of the fluid-filled sheath surrounding a tendon. This was caused by the repetition of the same hand actions over several days.

Shanghaiist reported that she has since regained control of her fingers after receiving treatment. The woman was sent home with doctor’s orders to give her hands a rest once in a while.

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How Horror Movies Get Around Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have changed the way people think, act and communicate. They’ve also been hell on the horror genre. Smartphones have rendered many classic horror movie tropes ridiculous, or even implausible. However, they’ve also provided opportunities to scare us in new and inventive ways. Let’s look at where modern horror has succeeded, and failed, to enter the digital age.

Here are the most-common ways horror movies get around smartphones, along with examples of when they’ve worked or fallen flat.

Cell phones in horror movies

Finns escape screens in phone-free bar

Chihuahua Julep, which opened in central Helsinki in August, initially just encouraged customers to put their phones away so that the lights from the screens wouldn’t ruin the ambience, Finnish public service broadcaster Yle reports.

But soon staff brought in an outright ban, requiring customers to put their phones in a box on arrival.

Chihuahua Julep owner Jami Jarvinen admits that some have struggled with the rule, in particular young people and parents anxious to keep track of their children, but most welcome the chance to “unwind without the pings and buzzes of smartphones”.

Police: Stupid Criminal Alert

Photos taken with stolen cell phone show up on car theft victim’s iCloud

Police in Chesterfield County are asking for help identifying a person who was photographed using a stolen cell phone.

Police said the phone was taken from a vehicle that was stolen from the Wawa convenience store located in the 7500 block of Midlothian Turnpike in the early-morning hours of October 24. The vehicle was later recovered in Richmond, but a cell phone that was in the car was not recovered. [read more]

stupid criminal

Youth Jumps Off Train To Save Mobile Phone

Without thinking much, the youth jumped off the train to pick up the phone and sustained critical injuries on his head. He has been admitted to Balasore Medical College and Hospital, sources added.

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