Wireless Service Providers Satisfaction Survey

by National Mobile Sales

Posted on October 17, 2018

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In our wireless service provider satisfaction poll, we looked at several U.S.wireless carriers to see how happy or unhappy people are with their smartphone plans. Also if they intend to upgrade their phone.

Wireless Service Providers
Satisfaction Survey.

Sit in any restaurant or coffee shop in any city in the US from California to Maine and you will see people are on their smartphones. You can see them attentively scrolling, reading, trolling on their phones. Our smartphones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. However, I feel like I rarely hear anyone tell me that they’re pleased with their wireless service providers. If you are reading this blog, it’s possible you’re also dissatisfied with your service provider.

We did a quick anonymous poll to 835 participates and asked them the way they feel about their their current wireless service provider. Customers were mixed with the dominant premium wireless service providers such as AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile. We also included some of the discount services providers such as; MetroPCS, Straight Talk, Boost Mobile, Cricket, and Virgin. Looking at the chart below, It would be not be an exaggeration to say Americans are not satisfied with their current wireless service provider.

wireless service providers

The number of smartphone users in the United States is estimated to reach 224.3 million, so when you see that 3% are looking to switch right now that equals 6,720,000 people. That is a huge number of people, actively shopping for a better wireless plan. In fact only 27% in the US market are satisfied with their current service. So the overwhelming majority of smartphone users are unsatisfied. The dissatisfaction reasons are many, however most boil down to price and poor customer service. The latest American Customer Satisfaction Index reveals the reason. The industry received a cumulative score of just 73 out of 100. Ironcily people are more likely to happier with their postal service than their wireless service.

Both Apple and Google will have their next generation smartphones available by October 2018 So we wanted to see if people had new phone rollout anxiety and it would seem that most people are actually happy with the current devices they own. So when asked if they intended to buy either new phone this is what they said.

No Need – Current Cell Phone is Sufficient 56%
Monthly Service Fees are Too Expensive 14%
Cost of a new smartphone is too hgh 12%
Don’t Like phones newest features or appearance 5%
Corporate Policy Restrictions 4%
Because of Current Economic Conditions 1%
Other 9%
No Answer 4%

So really with the vast majority of those polled are unsatisfied with price of the wireless service plan and the level of customer service and not their actual smartphone device.

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